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Brand Identity

In creating UNITED’s new brand identity, I wanted to bring back the imagery that both Continental and United had before merging, which included strength, consistency, and passenger consideration.


I wanted to create a new logo that is lively and modern, which appeals to current and new customers. The new logo reinforces United’s image as the world's leading airline. I also wanted to reinforce their position in their market segment as a business, luxury, and leisure travel business. Since United’s target group is higher-income individuals and corporate business accounts, I maintained its high-end and luxury appearance.

UNITED | Logo Design

UNITED | Mobile app

UNITED | Brand Book Guidelines | 210×297mm

UNITED | Stationery System

Advertisement in the building (4000x318).jpg

UNITED | Advertisement

UNITED | Packaging | Bags

UNITED | Packaging | Bags / Mugs

UNITED | Packaging | Plane Ticket

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